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Our cuisine is indie.

The ingredient does not hide behind a complex or technical cuisine but the other way around. A cuisine that privileges the product and its basic flavors and invites them to rediscover it.
We explore the awakening of the new gastronomy thinking in 360º, in a more comprehensive way, there is no quality in hospitality without circularity of the product and the human quality that guarantees quality, as well as the ways in which it is managed at origin, handling as a order that must be called for respect and integrity for the people who share the deed of the experience that we intend to offer to the diner.
We invite ourselves to be part of a new community, where work is pleasant and respectful of every peorson as a whole- not only from the point of view of the diner.
We feel the experience as a limitless continuum between the back and front of the house. The new gastronomy is much more than the fusion of the product and the cook’s hand, and an editorial line is to achieve safe kitchens for people, from every point of view. It is being able to work appropriate hours in shifts that are not unnecessarily extended.
You can be gastronomic and have a lawful desire to live your life as anyone else.

Our manifest.

We are a small restaurant that was born independent and from that turning point endless questions began about who we are? What do we do? Where do we go? It took us a while to decipher it until we got to Indie cuisine, because that’s what we are, we are independent in terms of influences.

We first focus on the value of the human group, and just behind, as a hallmark of Julia, we promote independence, teamwork and diversity, creativity, authenticity and micro-seasonality.. The ingredient is not hidden behind a complex or technical kitchen, but rather the other way around. A kitchen that privileges the product and its basic flavors and invites you to rediscover it.

We seek to intervene places through a collective lens. We learned that each member of the team and their culture impact creativity, the product and the service we provide. That is why we want to take our gastronomy and vision outside of our daily scene.

Thus, naturally, we strengthen ties with our colleagues. We learn from new cultures or deepen our own. Giving free rein to our most indie part, without styles that characterize us, but more human than ever, open to everything new, in search of authenticity and new challenges.


I was born in Chacabuco, Buenos Aires. I have been in gastronomy for more than sixteen years and I was lucky enough to work and travel through France and Latin America to finally set up my restaurant in Villa Crespo.
I could open Julia, alone, literally being alone in the kitchen. That’s why I consider myself Indie, not depending on anyone, I always felt free to cook whatever I wanted.With clear ideas of where I wanted to go, I always had the confidence that I could do it, with a lot of work, and being honest with the team, with the proposal and with our clients.Today we are a team of 8 people in Julia. I work daily for a fairer gastronomy, which is not only about getting good products these days. I think that’s what really means being indie and progressiv, expanding the limits from the minimum.That seems revolutionary to me today.My cuisine is indie, crafted and progressive.


Sol Peretti CHEF

She started working at the age of 12 in her father’s greengrocer, perhaps hence her desire for vegetables, she cares for them with the same passion as her father, when she carefully chose them in the market . Her first cooking courses were in her own town when she was 15. She was about to study tourism, but gastronomy won her heart.
Simultaneously to gastronomy, she began to prepare herself in English and French to be able to travel to another country. Thus came her trip to France at 20, because Sol is a faithful believer that one can achieve anything from a genuine desire of the heart.

When she returned to Argentina she worked in Papagayo and Aramburu, to then arrive at Julia, the place where she could find her home.

She loves entertaining her friends, cooking for them and sharing that moment with them. She really likes to read, travel and tries not to lose too much contact with nature, yoga and meditation. She is in a continuous search for growth and development, personal and professional. She doesn’t like to feel judged or forced to do something that she instinctively doesn’t feel it.

The kitchen offered her the most beautiful people she could meet, today they are her friends and her family. She is passionate about being able to transmit happiness through food. She loves seeing the surprised faces of customers with every bite. Seeing that motivates her and drives her to go for more.

In the near future she wishes to continue in Julia and enjoy her cooking, learning in this place has no limit; and maybe at some point she would like to go back to France and work for a couple more years.